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IOT with Raspberry Pi

Internet of things with Raspberry Pi

Internet of Thing comes to reality when humans just speak and network performs with the help technicality across the world. Concepts like smart-cities, running data and home automation defines the IOT. Raspberry is the heart of IOT to perform the scenario.

Introduction to IoT & Raspberry_Pi

  • What is Raspberry_Pi?
  • Historical Background, Features, Applications &Scope
  • Raspberry_Pi & its Various OS
  • Introduction to Raspbian
  • Distributing Software and study material

Enter to the New world of Innovation

Basics of Python Programming

  • Features of Command Window & Script Window
  • Basic Python Commands & Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Defining Editing and Clearing Variables & Checking for Existence
  • My First Python Program

High Level Programming and its Easy Interaction

  • Introduction to Arrays
  • Python Data Types and Basic I/O operations
  • Various Python Functions & their use;
  • Creating & running User defined Functions

Conditional Statements and Looping

Project :- ATM Machine Prototype

Getting Started with Raspberry_Pi

  • Raspbian – A Debian Derivative
  • The Concept of Open Source
  • Disk Fragmentation
  • Installing & Starting Raspberry_Pi
  • Understanding the Raspberry_Pi Desktop Layout
  • Command Window (Terminal), Editor Window, Workspace, Command

History, Graphic Window

IoT & Its Implementation

Introducing IOT

  • What is IOT?
  • What are the features & scope of using IOT?
  • Uses of IOT
  • CLI and GUI format of interaction
  • Application Area / Companies promoting/working in IoT

Controlling I/O’s

  • Accessing GPIO Pins
  • Recent era of ProgrammingProgramming on Raspberry_Pi
    • Glowing multiple different pattern LED
    • Interfacing Relays with Raspberry_Pi
    • Local time frame based automation

    IoT Based Secure Home/Office Automation

    IoT Controlling through Smart Phone over Wifi

    Worldwide Accessing and controlling of IoT over Internet

    Concept and scope of IoT hacking

    Demonstration/ Explanation of IoT hacking

Talk To Expert

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Timings : 10 AM – 7 PM

Projects Covered

Project :

  • ATM Machine Prototype
  • IoT Based Secure Home/Office Automation
  • IoT Controlling through Smart Phone over Wifi
Kit Content
  1. Raspberry Pi 3B (Refundable)
  2. Memory Card 16 GB (Refundable)
  3. USB Cable
  4. Bulb & Holder (2 set)
  5. Connecting cable & Wires
  6. Relay board
  7. LAN cable (type 5)
  8. Screw Driver
Requirement from College
  • Seminar room with Power plugs.
  • Projector.
  • Mic.
  • White Board.

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Our Forte

  • Embedded Systems &
  • Robotics
  • VHDL
  • LabView
  • IoT
  • Real Time Automation
  • PCB Designing
  • Networking
  • Surface Computing
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Animation
  • Android

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