RC Aircraft

RC Aircraft
1. Unmaned railway crossing system.
2. Digital Clock Display using SSD.
3. Timer Based Automatic Door Opening & Closing.
4. Rotation Angle controlling using Stepper Motor.
5. Sun light based Street Light Controlling Prototype.
6. Digital Stop Watch.
7. Creating a Custom Animation/Game of your choice.
8. Seminar/Conference Hall Automation.
9. Switch operated Curtain Opener.
10. Manually Controlled Smart Shopping Vehicle for Mall/Store Management.
11. Password Controlled Security Systems for Restricted Areas.
12. Basic Calculator using Keypad Matrix and LCD.
13. Color Matching Machine.
14. Digital Thermometer.
15. Automatic Gas Leakage Detector & Alarming System.
16. Temperature Sensor based Alerting/Alarming System for
    process controlling & monitoring.
17. Microcontroller based Smart Home for improved Energy
    Efficiency & Security Aspects.
18. Distance measurement of an object using ultrasonic sensor.
19. Smart Radar navigation system.
20. Touch Screen Based Pattern Locking Enabled Locker.
21. HMI(Human Machine Interface) Controlled Wheel Chair.
22. Mobile Controlled Wireless Robotic Vehicle.
23. Cellphone operated Water Irrigation Pump Controlling.
24. Wireless keypad controlled Robotic Vehicle. 
25. Portable Touch Screen Remote for Office Automation.
26. PC Controlled security system.
27. TV Remote control smart Home appliance.
28. Android Smartphone Bluetooth Controlled Modern Home
    Automation System.
29. Voice control Smart Automation and Feedback.
30. RFID based Attendance System.
31. Smart Card Based Security System.
32. SMS controlled Irrigation water controller syste
33. SMS based Modern HOME AUTOMATION.
34. Acknowledgement for Security Systems.
35. School Kids Security System Based on GPS
36. Live Vehicle tracking System.
37. Auto Accident Detection and Alert Generation System.
38. Biometric based daily attendance system.
39. Biometric based advanced security system.
40. Virtual Touch Piano.
41. Storing/Retrieving Security passwords to EEPROM.
42. Non Volatile Embedded System Database.
43. Data Multiplexing for industrial Automation with the help of spi or i2c.
44. Real Time Data logging System.
45. Daily Time Management System and AI alarm generation System.
46. Electronic Voting Machine with the help of SD card.
47. Big data Storage and Management System.
48. Internet Enabled Home Automation System.
49. Development of Weather information sharing center.
50. Machine Learning System.
51. Designing of Artificial Intelligent Device for Education domain.
52. Mind Control Real Time Automation.


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