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PLC Scada with Relay

PLC SCADA with Relay

PLC SCADA with Relay is attracting attention not only in the research, industry and policy domain, but also in academic institutions. Motive of the workshop is to make students familiar with PLC SCADA, relays and contractors and there practical application in industry.

Introductory & Theoretical session

  • Introduction to Automations
  • Definition of Real Time Automation Systems
  • Careers in Automation Systems
  • Techniques used for Automation
  • Sciences Involved, Terminologies used
  • Brief Description of a Control System
  • Pneumatic Controller, PID Controller, PLC Controller
  • Hardware Classification of Automation
  • Introduction with PLC Scada

Getting familiar with PLC

  • Brief Introduction to Basic Analog & Digital Electronics
  • Basic Concept of Processing & Controlling
  • Concept of PLC and Classification of PLCs
  • PLC & their Functional Architectures
  • Input and output system – serial parallel optical isolation
  • Addressing Format
  • Software description and installation
  • Communication protocols and cables used in PLC
  • Programming Language of a PLC

Getting familiar with SCADA

  • Introduction to SCADA Software
  • Creating new SCADA Project
  • GUI Designing
  • Tag Substitutions
  • Introduction to graphic Properties like Sizing, Blinking, Visibility etc.


  • Explaining relay with wiring practically
  • Difference between Relay and Contractor
  • Explaining contractor with wiring practically
  • Designing logic circuits, CCD, PCD with help of relay contractor

Practical: Controlling AC output using DC supply and vice – versa
Practical: Designing holding starter circuit CCD and PCD using relay and contactor

Talk To Expert

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Timings : 10 AM – 7 PM

Workshop Highlights
  • Introduction to Automation
  • Introduction to PLC
  • Introduction to SCADA
  • Designing logic circuits, CCD, PCD with the help of relay and contractor
Associated benefits of Workshop
  • Acquaint yourself with practical knowledge.
  • Workshop taken by Exceptionally Qualified and Professional Trainers actively involved in Research & Development.
  • Learn your Area of Interest directly from Industry Experts.
  • Scales up your CV/ Resume in Technical while boosting your Logical Abilities.
  • Brings Confidence in you for Technical rounds of Interview.
  • Lifetime assistance on any of your projects.
Requirement from College
  • Seminar room with Power plugs.
  • Projector.
  • Mic.
  • White Board.

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  • Robotics
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