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Plc and Scada Projects
1	Water Level Controller of a Tank Using PLC and SCADA.	
2	Temperature Controller of Lube Oil System Using PLC and SCADA.	
3	Motor Controlling Using Variable Frequency Drive(VFD) and PLC.	
4	Energy Saving System Using PLC and SCADA.	
5	Dam Water Level Indicator and Controlling System Using PLC and SCADA.	
6	Sludge Treatment Plant Using PLC and SCADA.	
7	Sewage Treatment Plant Using PLC and SCADA.	
8	Green House Control System Using PLC and SCADA.	
9	Warehouse Management System	
10	Substation Automation Control System Using PLC and SCADA.	
11	Water Treatment Plant Intelligent Monitoring in Large Gas Refinery Using PLC and SCADA.	
12	A control based on PLC of new air and return air valves in air conditioning unit	
13	Development of a real time monitoring and control system for PLC based Elevator	
14	SCADA based approach for Pipeline Security and Operation	
15	Wind Power Plant SCADA and Control	
16	PLC and SCADA Based Automatic packing machine	
17	Stepper Motor Speed Control System Using PLC	
18	Traffic Density Controller Using Sensor in SCADA	
19	Automatic Car Washing System Using PLC and SCADA	
20	Railway Track Crack Detecting Vechicle Using PLC and SCADA	
21	Automatic Paint Marking Machine Using SCADA	
22	Gas Leakage Detection Control System Using PLC and SCADA	
23	Boiler Pressure Monitoring And Controlling System Using PLC and SCADA	
24	Solar Car Control System Using SCADA	
25	Muti - Motor Control System Using SCADA	
26	Turbine Speed Control And Management In Power Plants	
27	PLC Based Automatic solar PV Washing System	
28	PLC Based D.C Motor Speed Monitoring system	
29	PLC Based Filter Reactor In Sugar Factory	
30	PLC based multi-channel temperature monitoring and controlling system	
31	PLC based door open and closing system	
32	PLC based four axis welding robot	
33	PLC Based Energy Saving System	
34	PLC based industrial timer controller for multiple machines	
35	PLC Based Metal Plate Cutting Machine	
36	PLC Based Material Trolley Controller	
37	PLC Based Powder Coating Machine Controller	
38	PLC based industrial or home security system	
39	PLC based marble stone cutting and polishing	
40	PLC based automatic industrial or school or college time management system	
41	PLC based injection Moulding machine controller	
42	PLC based home appliances controlling system	
43	PLC based automatic Multi-machine Lubrication System	
44	PLC Based contolling of musical fountain	
45	PLC based automatic paint marking machine	
46	PLC Based multiple transformer fault detection and production system	
47	PLC Based Gas leakage detection	
48	PLC Based Railways Accident Avoiding System	
49	PLC Based Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)	
50	PLC Based Automatic Electro-Plating Coating System	
51	PLC Based Digital Fuel Level Indicator	
52	Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Indication and Controlling System	
53	PLC Based Sensor Operated Path Finder Vehicle	
54	PLC based boiler pressure monitoring and controlling system	
55	PLC  SCADA based bank security system	
56	SCADA for Power plant	
57	SCADA for Food process control	
58	SCADA for Chemical factory	
59	SCADA for Automotive Industry	
60	SCADA for Sugar Factory	
61	SCADA for Thermal Power plant	
62	PLC-Based PV Plants Smart Monitoring System: Field Measurements and Uncertainty	
63	PLC Based Load Limiter	
64	Power Plant Coal Conveyer Coal Link PLC Control System 	
65	A distribution loads forecast methodology based on transmission grid	
66	substations SCADA Data	
67	 Automatic wind mill blade pitch controlling system	
68	 Automatic Vegetable (or) Lemon Cutting machine	
69	 Automatic Vehicle Over speed controlling system for School Zone	
70	 GPS based vehicle root tracking system	
71	 Automatic temperature controller with cooling system	
72	 Remote controlled material handling motorized crane	
73	 Automatic sensor based wall painting robot	
74	 Auto Indexing gear cutting attachment for pneumatic shaping Machine	
75	Automatic accident avoiding system for machines	
76	GSM Based two wheeler security system	
77	 Electronic assisted hydraulic braking system	
78	Automatic double axis Pneumatic JCB	
79	Automatic Car Parking System for apartment Building	
80	Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for Two wheeler	
81	Automatic Pneumatic Grinding Machine	
82	Automatic Power Saving Conveyor for Industrial Application	
83	sensor Based Material loading/unloading system for different section	
84	 Automatic rotating table with sequence operating machine	
85	 Over speed indication and Automatic accident Avoiding System for four wheeler	
86	Sub marine (Model)	
87	Automatic grease Gun	
88	Auto head-lamp Alignment system for automobile	
89	 Railways accident Avoiding System – (Level crossing and Fire Alarm)	
90	Automatic Magnetic Accident preventer for Train	
91	automatic drilling machine	
92	Solar automatic cell phone charger	
93	Automatic car overtaking system	
94	CNC Pick and place sequence operated Robot	
95	Remote controlled boiler flame on/off with flame adjustment system	
96	Material Dimensions Analyzing Robot	
97	CNC pneumatic Auto feed punching Machine	
98	PLC based Automatic sheet cutting Machine	
99	Sensor Based Inspection Conveyor	
100	Remote controlled Video Analyzing pick and place Robot	
101	Automatic Electro hydraulic Jack	
102	Automatic Pneumatic stand for two wheeler	
103	Automatic Bottle Washing Machine	
104	 Accident Preventer for Cutting Machine


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