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Server Configuration & Setup Requirements

Setup Requirements
Installing this software requires certain server side extension and capability, please check below and compare with your server current status on the right. You can click on the icon next to each technology for details.
Extensions & Applications  
HTTP Server. For example: Apache Require
PHP 5.2.8 or greater and less than 7 Require
Database Engine MySQL (4 or greater) Require
PDO Extension Require
GD Extension Mandatory
Server Status
Extensions & Applications  
Web Server Apache
PHP Version 5.6.37
MYSQL Version 5.0.11
PDO Extension PDO Available
GD Extension GD Available
 Directory & File Permission

These Folders of Files need to be Writable for application to be installed.

Folders or Files  
app/tmp/ Writable
app/Config/database.php Writable