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MATLAB Projects
1. Currency recognition system using image processing.
2. A matlab project on optical character recognition)(english).
3. JPEG compressor using matlab.
4. Recognition of viechle number plate using matlab.
5. Color and Texture Based Image Retrieval System.
6. Inverse data hiding in a classical image by using image encryption.
7. Hand Gesture recognition using matlab.
8. Tracking of muliple body parts of interfacing person.
9. Currency counting machine with fake note detection.
10. Efficient technique for color image noise reduction.
11. Automatically detect and recognise text in neural networks.
12. Digital classification using HOG features.
13. Image category classification using deep learning.
14. Barcode recognition using live video acquisition.
15. Edge detection using live video acquisition
16. Motion detection using Matlab.
17. Pattern matching using matlab.
18. Traffic warning sign recognition.
19. Color based road tracking.
20. Abondoned object detection.
21. object counting using matlab.
22. Cell counting using matlab.
23. Object detection in a cluttered scene using point feature machine.
24. Image category classification using Bag of feature.
25. Image retrieval using customised bag of feature.
26. Recognise text using optical character recogntion.
27. Face detection and tracking using CAM shift.
28. Face detection and tracking using KLT algorithm.
29. Face detection and tracking using live video and accusition.
30. Analysis of transformer oil by using MATLAB(image Processing tool).
31. Analysis of rice granules using image processing and neural network.
32. Cost effective smart remote controller based on invinsible IR-LED using image processing.
33. Automatic system for determination of blood types using image processing technique.
34. Signature matching with automated cheque system.
35. Vision based sign language translation device.
36. Counting objects in an image by marker controlled watershed segmentation and thresholding.
37. Automatic inspection of outdoor insulators using image processing and intelligent technique.
38. Detection of abnormalities in retinal images.
39. Vision based moving object detection and tracking.
40. Real time control of a mobile robot using MATLAB.
41. Detecting cars using gussian mixure model system.
42. Lane departure warning system.
43. Motion based multiple object tracking.
44. Tracking pedestrians from a moving car.
45. Use kalman filter for object tracking.
46. Find image rotation and scale using automated feature machine.
47. Feature based panaramic image stitching.
48. Video stabilization.
49. Video stabilization using point feature matching.
50. measuring Planer objects with a calibrated camera.
51. Evaluating the accuracy of single camera calibration.
52. Depth estimation from stereo video.
53. Struture from motion from two views.
54. 3D point cloud registration and stitching.
55. Uncalibrated stereo image rectification.
56. Periodic Noise Reduction.
57. Rotation correction.
58. Scene Change detection.
59. Surveillance Recording.


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