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IOT Projects
1. Minimum-Time Trajectory Planning and Control of a Pick-and- Place Five-Bar Parallel Robot
2. Autonomous Pose Detection and Alignment of Fuction Modules of a Biped Wall-Climbing Robot.
3. Design of a Direct-Driven Linear Actuator for a High-Speed Quadruped Robot, Cheetaroid-I
4. Vehicle Color Classification Under Different Lighting Conditions Through Color Correction.
5. Improved Ultrasonic Phased Array Based on Encoded Transmissions for Obstacle Detection.
6. Raspberry Pi as a Wireless Sensor node: Performances and constraints.
7. Browser based device control using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor.
8. Web remote controlled robot cam using WebIOPi Framework with Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi
9. Design of new Embedded speaking Robot for Older adult’s medication management in the home
using Linux single board computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi Processor
10. Array Designs for Long-Distance Wireless Power Transmission: State-of- the-Art and Innovative
Solutions for self powered Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor
11. Embedded Platform usage for Physical computing and Android in Robotics using Mini computer
Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor.
12. Raspberry Pi based SCADA System.
13. A New method of a Button based nurse or attender calling system using Real-time embedded
OS Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi.
14. Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based Mobile Camera usage for Cross-Screen Interaction by
Object Matching and Tracking.
15. A New Product Design and Construction of an Intelligent Combat Robot for war fields using
Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor
16. Raspberry pi based liquid flow monitoring and control.
17. Secure sensor node with Raspberry Pi.
18. Using of Raspberry Pi for data acquisition from biochemical analyzers.
19. Airplay Mirroring on Raspberry Pi.
20. Raspberry Pi based domesticated robot.
21. Raspberry Pi based Disaster Security Robot
22. Design and implementation of a GPRS remote data logger for weather forecasting using
Raspberry Pi.
23. Object sorting implementation using Raspberry Pi.
24. An Optical Wireless Intra vehicular communication using Real-time embedded OS Raspberry Pi /
Banana Pi processor.
25. A Wireless Sensor Network for RF Characterization of Buildings using Embedded Linux platform
for Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor.
26. Design of Path detection for blind people using ultrasonic sensor and mini computer Raspberry
Pi/ Banana Pi processor
27. Wireless Bluetooth communication with Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi design of a smart prepaid
energy metering system to control electricity theft.

28. Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based GPS data logger using Linux single board computer.
29. A Millimeter-Scale Energy-Autonomous Sensor System with Stacked Battery and Solar Cells.
30. Environment monitoring and device control using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based
embedded controlled sensor network.
31. Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based Management of mechanical vibration and temperature
in small wind turbines using zigbee wireless network.
32. A Low power wireless sensor network for building monitoring using Wi-Fi hotspot and Raspberry
Pi/ Banana Pi processor.
33. Video surveillance based on Linux Embedded Mini computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi for
Hazardous gas detecting method applied in coal mines detection robot
34. Low-Cost Speaker and Language Recognition Systems Running on a Raspberry Pi.
35. Raspberry Pi based interactive home automation system through E-mail.
36. Home Monitoring System with Motion Detection and Email Alerts using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi
37. Embedded Linux based an Investigating the Accuracy of Mobile Urban Sensing with Raspberry
Pi/ Banana Pi processor and GSM technology.
38. Raspberry Pi based fire detection based on image processing and alerting system.
39. Wi-Fi based Raspberry Pi home.
40. RFID Based Prepaid Petro Card management system at Petrol Station Using Raspberry Pi/
Banana Pi ARM-11 processor.
41. Wireless security control system and embedded web server network for smoke and fire
detection using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor.
42. A new method of Biometric based Intelligent Industrial Devices Control using Raspberry Pi/
Banana Pi.
43. A new Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based design of an emergency remote security
monitoring and control system based on zigbee.
44. An IOT Based Accident Detector By Using RaspberryPi.
45. Patient Health Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi – IOT
46. Control system for video advertising based on Raspberry Pi
47. TRANSFERRING images from Raspberry PI to Windows GUI.
48. An innovative solution for reallocating public bike among bike stations using RFID and GPS with
Linux single board computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi.
49. An Autonomous robot based wheel chair control with video surveillance using Raspberry Pi/
Banana Pi.
50. A Smart Ticket Token System By Using RaspberryPi.
52. An Emergency rescue dispatch system for road vehicles for instant notification of road
53. Real time metropolitan bus position system design using gps and gsm
54. Smart Home with RaspberryPi
55. Hand Gesture Based Control of Robotic Hand using Raspberry Pi Processor.

56. Fabrication of Robot using Raspberry Pi with Android Wi-Fi Controlled for Human and Fire
Detection Alerts
57. Feasibility of Raspberry Pi 2 based Micro Data Centers in Big Data Applications.
58. Analysis of TOI (Things of Internet) Industrial Monitoring System on Raspberry pi Platform.
59. Raspberry Pi, Python, Digital Cameras, and Speed Detection: Lessons Learned.
60. Real-time Transmission of Voice over 802.11 Wireless Networks Using Raspberry Pi.
61. Development of a fault tolerant CAN bus interface based on the Raspberry Pi single board
62. Image-based Solar Tracker Using Raspberry Pi.
63. Power monitoring using the Raspberry Pi.
64. Raspberry Pi based System for Visual Detection of Fluid Level.
65. automated system to detect RF leakage from microwave oven using raspberry PI
66. Developing a Raspberry Pi-based Monitoring System for Detecting and Securing an Object
68. Real Time Implementation of Telugu Character Recognition using Raspberry Pi
69. Detection and Classification of moving objects with Raspberry-Pi for the Future Cities Project
70. An Efficient Attendance Management Sytem based on Face Recognition using Matlab
andRaspberry Pi 2.
71. Raspberry Pi Based Patient Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Nodes
72. Machine Monitoring on Cloud using Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things
73. Automatic Camera Based Eye Controlled Wheelchair System Using Raspberry Pi
77. Raspberry Pi based Solar Street Light.
78. Raspberry Pi based Programmable Sequential Switching.
79. Raspberry Pi based Motor Speed Control
80. Raspberry Pi based Auto Intensity Control
81. Design and Implementation of Automated Blood Bank using Embedded Systems.
82. Pibot:The Raspberry Pi Controlled Multi- Environment Robot For Surveillance & Live Streaming.
83. Design & development of daughter board for Raspberry Pi to support Bluetooth communication
using UART.
84. Smart Drip Irrigation System using Raspberry pi and Arduino.
85. WiFiPi-Tracking at mass events.
86. An Internet of things approach for motion detection usingRaspberry Pi rated 5 / 5 based on 1934


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