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Fitness Band

Fitness Band

Fitness Band is a workshop which focuses on robotic sensing. It would deal with sensors and their calibration to provide a sense of environment to the Robot. Motive of the workshop is to make students familiar with multiple sensors which they can interface with robot and realize various applications.

Introduction to Robotics.

  • Introduction to basics of Embedded Systems.
  • Memory organization in microcontrollers.
  • Input & Output peripherals in Microcontrollers.
  • Resisters in Microcontrollers.
  • Programming of Microcontrollers.

Kits distribution.

Hardware description

Introduction & Explanation of Microcontrollers

  • Explanation of AVR Microcontroller.
  • Explanation of Arduino Board & Programming.
  • Basic Arduino Based programs for interfacing I/O Devices.
  • Interfacing LED and Programming the Arduino to generate different LED patterns.

Display device introduction and Interfacing

  • Introduction to LCD.
  • Interfacing of LCD with Microcontroller.

Practical: Character, string and number display on LCD.

  • Introduction to Input Devices & Sensors.
  • Introduction to ADC.
  • Accessing internal ADC of microcontroller.
  • Introduction of temperature sensor.
  • Interfacing temperature sensor with microcontroller.

Project- Digital Thermometer

Introductory & Theoretical session

Project- Heart Beat counter

  • Serial communication & Bluetooth Technology
  • Accessing internal USART of microcontrollers.
  • Interfacing Bluetooth module with microcontrollers.
  • Transmitting & receiving data wirelessly through Bluetooth of Laptop/Android mobile phone.

Project: Bluetooth Control wireless notice board.

Explanation of the Health Band Programming and Complete Assembly

Working with Android Application.

Testing of Health Band with Android Application.

Data Sharing and Computer Access Internet Properties

Query Session

Talk To Expert

+91 – 9251094002
Timings : 10 AM – 7 PM

Projects Covered
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Heart Beat counter
  • Bluetooth Control wireless notice board.
Kit Content
  • Techie Development Board.
  • D-type cable.
  • On board voltage regulated Power supply unit.
  • Heart Beat Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Connecting Wires
  • Battery
  • Battery Connectors
  • Flexi Acrylic Band
Requirement from College
  • Seminar room with Power plugs.
  • Projector.
  • Mic.
  • White Board.

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Our Forte

  • Embedded Systems &
  • Robotics
  • VHDL
  • LabView
  • IoT
  • Real Time Automation
  • PCB Designing
  • Networking
  • Surface Computing
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Animation
  • Android

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