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Big Data Hadoop


Big Data-HADOOP Workshop helps candidate to Built their own Cluster that perform Super Computing Level Analysis on the Real Data Sets technologies are important in providing more accurate analysis, which may lead to more concrete decision-making resulting in greater operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and reduced risks for the business.

Basic Discussion on Subject
Whats Big Data and its Present and Future

Why Apache Hadoop and Discussion on Its vendor company Cloudera.
Internal Concept and Practical Implementation:
Setup Hadoop v1 and v2 Cluster.
Implementation of Distributed Storage: HDFS.
How data processes in Distributed Computing World into our OWN deploy cluster using MapReduce version 1 and 2 (using YARN implementation).
How to Get Real data sets and develop our own datasets for benchmarking our cluster.
Understanding MapReduce Programming.Develop Basic MapReduce Program for processing Real World data sets from our OWN develop Cluster.
Perform Data Analytics using High-Level Framework using PIG or HIVE.

Overview of:
HDFS Federation
NameNode HA
Query session

Domain-Client environment Active directory domain service and structure.

Difference between ADS and ADDS Windows server 2012 System administration

Creating a domain network with network services

Additional network servers 1. DHCP 2. DNS 3. IIS(Application server)

Server virtualization(Hyper-V)

Preparing Cloud platform

  • Windows Azure Fundamentals
  • Windows Azure storage
  • Windows Azure virtual Machines
  • Windows Azure Web service
  • Windows Azure media services
  • Windows Azure applications

Network load balancing

Query Session

Talk To Expert

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Timings : 10 AM – 7 PM

Workshop Highlights
  • Basic Discussion on Big Data Hadoop
  • Internal Concept and Practical Implementation
  • Overview of Hbase, Oozie, Zookeeper, Sqoop, HDFS Federation, NameNode HA
  • Domain-Client environment
  • Windows server 2012 System administration
  • Preparing Cloud platform
  • Network load balancing
Workshop Requirements
  • Proper Internet Facility
  • 4 GB RAM in each PC(min)
  • Red Hat/CentOS 6.4 Upgraded Version.
  • Dual Core Processor
  • Interconnectivity of all the computers.
Requirement from College
  • Seminar room with Power plugs.
  • Projector.
  • Mic.
  • White Board.

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Our Forte

  • Embedded Systems &
  • Robotics
  • VHDL
  • LabView
  • IoT
  • Real Time Automation
  • PCB Designing
  • Networking
  • Surface Computing
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Animation
  • Android

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