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JAVA Projects
1. Pocket Tanks Game  
2. Internet Banking
3. Hospital Management
4. Teachers Feedback Form
5. Online Job Portal
6. Online Examination Project
7. Alumni Database
8. Virtual Classroom
9. Lan Chat and File Sharing
10. Payroll System
11. Online Exam
12. Java Game mini Project
13. Online Shopping
14. Online Library Management System
15. Feedback Collection System
16. Text Editor in Java
17. Moving Balls using Java Applet
18. Online Reservation System Project
19. Web skeletonize service 
20. Web Enabled Manufacturing Process Project
21. Album Manager Project
22. Global Communication Network
23. Library System project
24. Link Handler System Project
25. Crypto system Project
26. Scheduling and Dispatching project 
27. Intranet Mailing System
28. Online Examination System Project
29. Website Copier Project in JAVA
30. Online Pharmacy Management in JSP
31. Payment Billing System in JSP| Java
32. Face Identification System in Java
33. Online E Blogging Platform Developed in Asp.Net
34. Document management System in Asp.Net
35. Hostel Management System in PHP
36. Online Production Management System in JSP| Java
37. Network Load Balancing project in Java
38. Online Global Mailing System in Java
39. Online Attendance Management System in JSP
40. Online Job Portal Project in Java, JSP
41. Hospital Management System in Java
42. Packet Sniffer Project in Java
43. Image Encryption Project in Java
44. Online Learning System in Java
45. Online Library Management System in JSP, Java
46. Online Shopping Website in JSP, Java
47. Online Shopping Website in JSP
48. Data Leakage Detection
49. Online Share Portal in JSP
50. Online Social Networking-Friends Club
51. Online Ticket Booking System in JSP


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